‘I’m More American Than You! Go Home!” Omar Screams At Melania

The truth is right in front of you

The scene at the White House Tuesday was tense. Representative Ilhan Omar and First Lady Melania Trump squared off in the Rose Garden, each geared up to talk about the manufactured controversy about the President’s tweets about Democrat Congresswomen. Omar was on the offensive, she feeling that Trump had wronged her by suggesting she leave the country she’d grown up in. Melania was both protective of her husband and of his statements, refusing to be pushed into any suggestion that the President was wrong.

Omar screamed:

“Your husband is a moron! He is racist to the core! I have every right to be here! This is my home! I grew up here and I’m not going anywhere! Let me in so I can tell him to go screw himself!”

Melania responded calmly:

“What you talk about? That not what he said. You should fix other places to then teach him! That what he say. Was suggestion to help make the world best!”

But Omar was having none of it. She escalated:

“I’ve been here longer than you! I’m more American than you! Why don’t you go home! You wouldn’t even be a citizen if you hadn’t debased yourself for a rich man in the back of a limousine!”

With that vile remark, Melania lost her composure. She leaped up and attacked, throwing punches, clawing, pulling hair. They raged at each other, screaming obscenities at the top of their lungs. The ruckus was so loud that the President was summoned from his office. By the time he arrived, the two had begun to rip off each other’s clothes. The President held back security from separating them when he saw this, saying, “No, no. Just wait. Let’s see how this plays out,” with a huge grin on his face, adding,” Does anybody have any oil?”

President Trump had a jello pool installed at the White House just for occasions such as this.

Finally, Trump relented and security stepped in. No charges were laid and the two went their separate ways. There’s no end to the drama at the White House.

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