Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Holding the Articles of Impeachment Until After the Election

In what can only be referred to as an unprecedented move, Nancy Pelosi has confided in her closest friends and allies that there’s no chance the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump will go to “That asshole Mitch McConnell’s corrupt Senate sham.” Pelosi wants to wait to see if the Senate flips to the Democrats so they will be able to set the rules for the trial, not Mitch.

The move isn’t only a disgrace to our country, it’s completely unconstitutional. Article 2 lays out exactly how the impeachment process is to move through Congress, and the 14th Amendment requires her to abide by those rules. According to Article 2 Section 14:

“Once impeached, the President is to be tried in the senate under the rules set forth by the majority at the time of his impeachment.”

It’s almost like Pelosi is pretending that section 14 is just something someone made up and not an actual requirement under our most sacred document. The problem with that is, the Supreme Court stands ready to make her pay for that mistake by starting their own impeachment process against her and forcing her successor to send the Articles to the Senate as required by law.

Chief Justice Roberts made that abundantly clear:

“The 4th Amendment requires the trial to be fair and speedy and this is the opposite. Under the 14th Amendment, Speaker Pelosi has no choice, and under Article 2 Section 14, she’s in violation of constitutional law. All of these things could lead to a judicial order of impeachment. May God have mercy on her soul.”

Pelosi seems unaffected by the warnings from the Senate, the Supreme Court, and even from her own party. It looks like she’s planning on seeing this horrible idea through until it destroys what’s left of the Democrats.

Good luck with that, nancy. You’re trying to overthrow the government. Hopefully, you’ll get some prison time.

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