AOC Pushes 40% National Tax To Offset Trump Stimulus


Standing on the field after the Battle of Bagger Hill in Alabama during the drawing down of America’s civil war, it was the great patriot Thomas Jefferson who said: “Freedom isn’t free - it costs folks like you and me.”  It seems like Congress’s Little Lady of Lipgloss, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, might have taken those words to heart with a few too many Appletinis.

“I’m buying if you can keep quiet about it, sweetheart…”

Cortez is proposing an across-the-board tax of 40% on retail sales, social security income, and Burger King drive-thru orders to offset President Trump’s nearly two trillion dollar stimulus package.  Democrats in Congress have excoriated the act as adding to the already ballooning national debt while not addressing the underlying crisis because you know how they are.

Strong enough to know what’s right and weak enough not to choose it?

Cortez made her case to Sandra Batt from the Washington Queefer-Courier:

“When you send out checks to basically everyone in America for like, a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars each, you have to have a way to pay for it, don’t you?  Money isn’t free.  That’s why it’s called ‘money’.  Donald Trump is used to just spending money and then going bankrupt and screwing over his creditors.  It’s what he does.  But this is a whole country.  It’s time to put a stop to that.”

The proposed tax would fully cover the cost of the package within two years time, however, the economy would suffer hits to average family income and take home pay, possibly causing Trump a major headache during the upcoming election season.  Is it worth it?  Or is the Senorita of Socialism even less intelligent than she’s given credit for?

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