Democrat Congressman Planned To ‘Get Close Enough to Infect Trump’

Just when you thought they couldn’t go any lower, this happens. Congressman Joe Barron (D-Oregon), who tested positive last week for COVID-19, says he was planning to “get as close to Trump as possible” to try to infect him with the virus. In an interview on Rachel Maddow’s show full of liberal science that contradicts what true Americans believe, Barron said he wasn’t ashamed of it:

“I’m in no way ashamed to admit my plans. It’s not a crime to want to shakle the guy’s hand after licking my own, is it? I mean…he’s 72. If he gets this thing, the dystopian nightmare we’re living can finally come to an end.

“I’ve been told it’s wrong to try to weaponize the virus, but isn’t that what those white supremacists have been doing? They call it “God’s Scouge.” Maybe they should look at who is being infected and going down, because I feel great.”

Barron has been described as “asymptomatic,” with the exception of some really bad gas. His stench has been dubbed “The Fury of the Left.” He’s been consuming mass quantities of B&M Baked Beans and that brown bread that comes in a can in an attempt to overwhelm the chambers of Congress so the Republicans will stay away:

“The problem is, they’re so used to their own breath that they don’t seem affceted by my air biscuits. I don’t think they realize what spewing BS all day does to their personal hygiene.”

Democrats are always looking for reasons to poke fun at Trump supporters and their representatives. Now they’re using a deadly virus and flatulence to try to derail two branches of government. When will they finally be held accountable?

President Trump hasn’t tweeted about the incident yet, but scores of his loyal followers online have called for Barron’s removal and indictment for conspiracy to commit treason. Hopefully, action is swift.

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