Biden Leaning Toward Mitt Romney As His Running Mate

The truth is right in front of you

Former Vice-President Joe Biden shocked millions the other day when he announced that he would consider taking on a Republican as his running mate in the 2020 election. Republicans were immediately suspicious of his motives and Democrats saw these words as a clear betrayal.

Today, he added to his previous statement, releasing that he actually had a Republican member in mind to be picked out as his VP. Biden has indicated that he is leaning strongly towards the selection of billionaire Mitt Romney to join him in taking on President Trump this year.

His reasons for this selection are amazingly simple. One would logically suspect that he chose Romney to take advantage of his business acumen and intimate knowledge of their billionaire opponent in the incumbent Trump. But this is not the case.

The sumptuous and sexy Satya Martin, who will likely become Biden’s Chief of Staff, told us exactly what logic Joe Biden used in the Romney option:

“Joe is a brilliant man but he’s also very simple. He has an instinct for people and will often trust his gut based on just a smattering of intimate knowledge with regard to qualifications. He has had many successes using this hiring method.

Choosing Mitt did not use that methodology though. This one is hard for me to explain so I will just share with you his actual words. Following is what he told me when he made his choice….verbatim:

‘I just like his name, Satya! Mitt! Mitt! MITT! C’mon! Say it with me! It’s sooooo fun!

Think of the possibilities! Oven mitt! Catchers mitt! Mitten! I will never ever get tired of hearing that name, or using it!

Now get him in here! He is my definite choice.’

<Miss Martin rolls eyes>

Yeah. I know.”


Well, he certainly does seem enthusiastic about his choice, however laughable it is.Trump 2020 is in the bag.

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