‘No More Paper Money, Plastic Bills Are The Way’ - Pelosi

The truth is right in front of you

The Democrats keep messing with our money. It’s bad enough that they tank our economy every time they take power, making our bills virtually worthless, but now they want to turn the bills themselves into play money.

It’ll be like Canadian money but, you know, real looking.

Nancy Pelosi has stated an intention to copy many of the other western nations, including Canada, and change the makeup of our currency from paper to……….plastic. Why she would think copying Canada, of all places, is a good idea is anybody’s guess but one can assume that it’s just another step toward socialism and financial ruin. She shared a few of her thoughts on the matter :

“Countries around the world use plastic currency now. It’s cheaper to produce, it lasts longer, and it’s easier to prevent counterfeiting. It just makes perfect sense. That’s why the American people don’t want it. You’re all idiots! Every last one of you! The educational system in this country is gone so far downhill you guys can’t think progressively at all anymore, can you? It’s pathetic! I hate you all! Every last bleeping one of you! I hope this country burns to the ground!


Nancy Pelosi has clearly gone over the edge.

It was clear, at this point, that Nancy Pelosi has lost her marbles, so Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped in :

“Ummm. Some of what my colleague said made sense. Cheaper, more durable, harder to fake. It will save America countless millions.

We would save millions more if we would just get rid of money altogether and work for the collective good creating a situation where actual money becomes useless, but that’s a bill for another day. Today, we’re just making our filthy, rotten lucre better.”

Dumb plan democrats. The American people will never use your commie money.

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