Biden: If SCOTUS Bans Same-Sex Marriage, ‘I’ll Ban All Marriage’

The truth is right in front of you

Informal polling of the Supreme Court shows that they now have the votes to overturn the Obama Administration’s landmark Marriage Equality Act.

Christians everywhere have rejoiced even though there is no way whatsoever that the Marriage Equality Act has impacted them.

It is bigotry and hatred at its ugly best, celebrating the misery of others.

Once same-sex marriage is outlawed, loving couples everywhere will not share in the same rights that cisgender married couples take for granted, such as being able to make end of life decisions for their loved one, have special visiting rights at hospitals, filing joint taxes, health insurance sharing, and many other things.

Literally, the only thing different about them is who they love and for that, many people who consider themselves to be good Christians treat the LGBT community as if they are sub-human monsters.

Joe Biden sees these so-called Christians and declared that if the Supreme Court overturns the Marriage Equality Act then Biden will use his Article 2 powers to ban marriage for everyone.

Biden Campaign Spokeswoman Sandy Batt spoke with the press.

“Vice President Biden and President Obama worked hard on the Marriage Equality Act.  It marked the end of a terrible injustice that discriminated against people because of who they love.  Donald Trump will have put three Justices into the Supreme Court that are against anyone who is not straight, white, Christian, and male by the time that Joe Biden steps into office.

He understands that he won’t be able to overturn the decision of the Supreme Court right away but he does understand that he can declare that no one can get married and can invalidate all marriages within the United States pretty much on Day 1 if he wants to.

Looks like the ball is in your court…errr field, Supreme Court.”

The precedent was created by President Trump that has established that the Executive Branch is now more powerful than the other two branches of government.

Let’s see how much Trump’s base likes it when it’s not their guy at the helm.

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