Rashida Tlaib Uses US Flag As A Prayer Mat

The truth is right in front of you

Disrespect for our flag is the norm amongst democrats and amongst Muslammics. And especially amongst Muslammic democrats. This was proven once again today by the Democrat Representative from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib.

As she left her desk this morning to kneel for her morning prayers, Tlaib pulled out her prayer mat, as she always does. But what she laid out to put her filthy feet upon was not a standard mat.

It was an American flag.

This is the ultimate insult. To lay one’s body over a flag goes firmly against the rules laid out for us in the Flag Code.

“The flag shall not come in contact with the body in any way that insults its sanctity”

Clearly, it’s use as a mat for Muslammic prayer violates this. After all, she wasn’t using it as a beach towel or napkin. Those are useful functions that celebrate everyday American life. Prayer of this type is not.

Flags shouldn’t touch feet. We don’t use them as doormats, do we? Oh wait,,,,

Liberals would tell us that using the flag in conjunction with prayer is showing respect, that it shows a connection between God and country. First of all, Tlaib does not pray to God. She prays to Allah and Allah is a false god. Secondly, Democrats are atheists so such talk is not genuine from them.

How could she not understand that it should not disrespectfully touch the body? I mean, feet, of all things! Breasts? Ok. Crotch? No problem. Butt? A-ok. When worn as a bikini or underwear, it is adorning and beautifying the body. This is quite different from the prayer mat offense.

If a flag is to touch the body, it can only be to beautify its most magnificent American parts.

This is a clear act of treason and terrorism. She needs to be impeached.

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