Kaepernick Crashes Funeral at Arlington to Take a Knee

The truth is right in front of you

Traitor Colin Kaepernick had an “eventful” Fourth of July. It seems this man is completely without morals. He will stomp on our flag, our president, our veterans, our very nation in his relentless quest to ……what? There seems to be no real motive for his actions other than hate for America.

Yesterday, he travelled to Arlington National Cemetery clad in the dress uniform of a marine. He has never served so this was insult enough already but he went further.


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He was there to attend - uninvited - the funeral of a brave soldier who had just been returned from the gulf. He blended in, putting on an act of mourning. Nobody suspected a thing until the 21-gun salute.

He then “took a knee”.

Having lost his platform to kneel for anthems at football games, it seems Kaepernick is taking his unpatriotic demonstrations to all new lows. To kneel at the funeral of a hero is about as low as one can get. This man is against everything that is America.

Others in attendance eventually lifted him by his arms and legs and carried him out. He remained silent, fist in the air as they did so until finally he was thrown into a dumpster at the cemetery’s edge. A fitting place for this human filth.

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