Sheriff Joe Exposes Obama’s Kenyan Birth

The truth is right in front of you

Sheriff Joe Arpaio led the fight to expose Obama as Kenyan born for eight long years, vowing to have Barack removed from the White House and out in jail where he belonged. During Obama’s first term, Arpaio swore that he had absolute, irrefutable  proof that the Hawaiian birth certificate the world had been shown was fake, that he had Kenyan records showing Obama’s birth there, as well as multiple indisputable testimonies about a Kenyan birth.  He told us all that he would show it it to the nation and federal authorities “when the time was right.”

Well, Obama’s full two terms passed and here we are, three years after 44 left office and it seems the time still isn’t right.  Puzzling, but we are sure there is a good reason for it. After all, Joe Arpaio is a dedicated, honest, and shrewd lawman. If he hadn’t yet revealed the truth, you could be damn sure it was for good reason.

Now, finally, the curtain has been lifted. Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio has shown us his evidence of the last president’s foreign birth. And here it is :

The smoking post-it.

When questioned about how truly “irrefutable” this document was, Joe was succinct :

“That post-it note is my word and my word is my bond. Hell, President Trump knows that. That’s why he set me free from my legal shackles. My word alone has put countless other black  sk…, um, minded people in prison over several decades. It’s always been enough for the court. That means it is as good as an oath.”

And it’s good enough for us Joe. It’s good enough for us.


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