Harris: ‘Anti-Maskers Will Lose Their Second Amendment Right’

The truth is right in front of you

Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris announced today from Nancy Pelosi’s Washington D.C. Biergarten that anyone who refuses to wear a mask will forfeit their right to own firearms once she and Joe Biden are elected.

The relevant points of Harris’ statement.

“So many times we’ve heard that their God will protect them from the virus.  All we’re saying is that if your God will protect you from the virus then He will also protect you from any kind of physical danger so these people don’t need their guns.

Of course we know that these people stating that their God will protect them from all things is a joke because if they truly believed that then they wouldn’t be clinging to their guns so hard.  They wouldn’t feel like they had to take them to their churches and they certainly wouldn’t need them to compensate for anything that they are lacking.

It’s almost like they get the point, except that all they end up doing is showing how hypocritical that they are.  They act like their God is permission to do whatever they want.  Seems to me that if they really did believe what they said they believe then they’d have absolutely no problem with our idea once we’re elected.”

America was founded on three principles: Guns, Freedom, and Carnival Games.  The Democrats have already taken away our carnival games because of their shutdowns and are working on guns and freedom.

As many people wrongly believe that the Bible says, God helps those who help themselves, so we need to make sure we have our guns.

Of course, Revelation 3:20-22 clearly reads that help is offered and it is up to the individual on whether or not they choose to accept the help so all the Democratic proposals will really do is help the anti-maskers more clearly and less hypocritically define their faith.

While a worthy endeavor, the average gun-toting anti-masker will scream about needing guns for protection while completely overlooking the irony of the more imminent danger that exists when people decide they don’t need facemasks.

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