Nancy Pelosi Accused of Espionage by Two Seperate Intelligence Agencies

Two separate intelligence agencies, each independent from the other, have filed reports with the Attorney General of possible espionage on the part of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Both the Central Unified National Trust Service and the Terrorism Watch And Telecommunications Service filed the reports on behalf of their parent agencies, the CIA and NSA.

The details are a bit sketchy as of yet, as the allegations are classified, but our source inside the intelligence community says that they are serious and potentially career-ending for the high-powered Democrat:

“Pelosi is accused of giving national secrets to her contacts in Ukraine in exchange for testimony against Trump and handing billions to Iran in exchange for their silence over the Burisma acquisition of Uranium One.

“These scandals would benefit both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in their attempts to overthrow the Trump administration if they weren’t discovered.”

The agents reporting the scandals go by fictitious names and won’t need to be identified, per the national whistleblower law, but they will have to reveal themselves and testify to a closed committee if President Trump orders them to. Attorney general Bill Barr is considering recusing himself and allowing former Congressman Trey Gowdy to take over for him.

Pelosi’s office is refusing to comment on the issue, instead claiming that it’s just another distraction from Trump’s impeachment. We’ll see just how well that works out when Trump is exonerated and gets an extra three years in office, nancy.

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