AG Barr Threatens to Jail Governors Who Refuse to Open Their States

Much of the country has been shut down for some time. Despite the sheer number of lives lost, the biggest casualty has been the economy, and specifically multi-billion dollar corporations. The rapid decline of the economy has not been a good enough reason for some governors to reopen their states, so the Attorney General decided to take an aggressive approach to this situation.

William Barr directly threatened to jail any governor who does not open their state within the next three days. Since most of the states that are resisting opening are run by liberal-socialist Democrats, this is a clear win-win. Either the state is opened up right away or the governor goes to jail…and then the state is opened up.

Citing United States Code 69, Section Pd, Barr declared he has the authority to follow through on his threat.  First chair prosecutor Art Tubolls explained,

“The most important thing is the economy. We need to make sure that big business gets what big business wants so that we get our campaign donations. Without the money coming in, these businesses will only make millions instead of hundreds of millions.

No one’s life is worth more than a few dollars. Even if everyone on the whole planet dies, if we do this right, the economy will continue going on forever. These renegade governors don’t care about any of that.

Those fools are concerned with the lives and health of their citizens. Pathetic. It will feel good to round them all up and throw away the key.”

Everyone should get back to work. Our Dear Leader called this fight a war and in war there are casualties. No one’s economy isn’t worth a few lives. Keeping America great means keeping the economy great, no matter the personal cost.

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