Super Bowl Halftime Will Honor ‘Our Iranian Brothers:Victims Of Evil America’

The truth is right in front of you

The NFL has become know in recent years for its anti-military, anti-American agenda. Between players kneeling for our national anthem and showing disrespect for veterans in the process, and the league’s refusal to address this issue, it is overwhelmingly apparent that the NFL does not support our troops. That’s why part of the planned halftime show for the Super Bowl tomorrow comes as no surprise.

At first it seemed that the NFL was actually turning around and planning a tribute to those soldiers who were injured in Iran recently. It turns out, though, that nothing could be further from the truth.

The halftime show will feature a tribute to “Our Iranian brothers who were injured by evil America,” a reference, presumably, to those hurt by the missile attack on General Soleimani. It is a tribute to America’s enemies instead of our own country.

The show will feature a song and dance routine arranged and choreographed by an expatriate Iranian, Yosem’i Tisam. He explained what it will contain:

“The exhibition will be lively and colorful, like my people. It will feature Bhangra, a classic feature of Iranian culture.

The routine is hypnotic, mesmerizing, and sings of the evils of the great Satan. All will know what this corrupt nation has done to the good and innocent victims.

Long live Soleimani! Down with America!”

NFL VP of Choreography, Satya Martin, was unapologetic about allowing this scandalous show:

“The NFL has taken a firm position against the terror that this fake president, Donald Jeebus Trump, is inflicting upon the world. We have been consistent in this matter so our willingness to acknowledge the death and destruction he has caused should come as no surprise to anyone.

We do not support criminals unless they are players. Definitely not criminal politicians. At least the players have talent.”

This is an all new low for the National Football League. They have already been the subject of a long-standing boycott that has seen their income plummet to incredible lows. For them to come out now and basically shout out to the world that they hate America is beyond reprehensible.

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