First Round of Democrat Indictments From Barr Investigation Coming Tomorrow

The truth is right in front of you.

When President Trump directed Attorney General Gay Barr to start an investigation into the corruption of the Obama administration, the world held its collective breath. What would be revealed? Who would go to prison? How high will it show the corruption went? Will Obama himself go down? The vengeful anticipation was enormous. 

Well at least some answers have begun to flow in. A source in the Justice Department has revealed that 29 sealed indictments will be delivered tomorrow to over a dozen high ranking members of both the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team. 

We have learned a few of the names on the list. Al Phukenny Wun , the head of Clinton’s campaign, is expected to be charged under Article 175b, “conspiracy to commit election fraud through coercion”. He is said to have threatened to “out” election officials as gay should they not strike the trump name from ballots. 

 Andy Waywego, Obama’s Chief-Of-Staff, will be indicted under penal code 101.1cfmi which applies to supplying illegal aliens with voting ID cards to circumvent voting rules. 

And Anita Bath, the Assistant to the FBI Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director Of CIA Interrogations, will be in court answering to allegations that he “willingly assisted in assisting in the multiple registrations of the deceased”. 

The swamp draining is in full swing ladies and gents! Sit back and enjoy.

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