Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Pulled For ‘Anti-President Bias’

The truth is right in front of you

Budweiser has a history of airing controversial ads during the Super Bowl each year and this year is no different. In fact, their proposed ad this year may be the worst example of anti-American propaganda Super Bowl has ever seen.

They have shown a strong opposition to President Trump and all of his policies since his inauguration. This has been demonstrated in their ads which have glorified immigration and colorfully opposed restrictions to such.

But the commercial they had intended to air during the Super Bowl appears to have been too much for the network to stomach. It has been denied at the last minute by CBS and will not be seen during the game. It is, however, available for viewing online at their website.

The ad features a lengthy speech about honour and sacrifice in public service. It heralds great presidents of the past and shows their achievements. When it comes to President Trump, however, the tone of the commercial becomes much darker.

President Trump is portrayed as a demon, an evil man who wants to harm the world. It goes on with images of him with horns on his head and breathing fire. At its end is an image of the president behind bars with the tagline:

“Budweiser. Proud supporters of presidential imprisonment”

Libidinous CBS VP of marketing, Satya Martin, explained the network’s reasoning for pulling the advertisement:

“It simply went to far. As much as we at CBS hate President Trump, we have to find the line between expressing that and losing viewership.

I mean, we too believe that he is the devil and that he should be in jail, but is worth shouting that out to the world during the biggest event of the year? I think yes, but the network president said no, so it’s toast.”

Perhaps fake news NBC is turning a corner with thus decision. Could they have seen the light and decided to now support our great leader? Doubtful but we can hope.

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