Latinos For Maga Group Growing In Numbers Rapidly

The truth is right in front of you

Jesuse Cristobal is one of a growing number of Latino-Americans who love President Trump and support the movement to Make America Great Again. When he first began to show his support for Trump by campaigning for him in California, Jesuse was ostracized by the Hispanic community and called a traitor to his people but he stuck to his guns and did his part to spread the message of who he felt was a great man.

That was 4 years ago. Today, Cristobal is no longer alone. With a soaring economy and greatly improved job prospects nationwide, support for Trump amongst Hispanics is continually rising, with numbers now in the tens of millions. But prejudicial opinions of Latino trumpers are still quite prominent in many areas, leading many to hide their love out of concern for the well-being of their families.

So, in order to unite his people in their common cause of greatifying this land, Cristobal started a group - called “Chinga Tumaga” which translates to “Latinos For Maga” - where Hispanic-Americans of like-mind could gather in Californian areas without fear of judgement or violence. Membership numbers in California are quite impressive and chapters are now beginning to open up in other states.

Jesuse is proud to have initiated a grass roots movement that is now sweeping the nation. He told us why:

“We are Latino. We are proud of our role in the development of this country. We know that America can be great again as long as efforts are made to spread awareness.

So to all the naysayers and haters of America, we say, “Chinga Tumaga!” Our time is coming.

It’s great to see minority groups finally embrace the vision of President Trump. He has done more for them than any other leader we have had. We’re glad they’re not being ingrates.

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