Panel of Federal Judges Agrees With Trump And Lockdown Protestors

A panel of federal judges has released a statement agreeing with President Trump and the fine people protesting the coronavirus lockdown that’s currently crippling the economy. The judges, all of whom have stellar records of agreeing with conservative causes, believe that the country should reopen and that trump has the authority to do so.

One of the judges was even at a protest in Michigan. He says that the people there weren’t causing any harm to anyone and that their rights are absolute:

“These folks have the right to show up and protest. They have the right to bring their guns. They have the right to not wear masks. They have the right to do whatever they want.”

CNN analyst Joe Barron weighed in on the statement, agreeing with the judge:

“He’s correct. These idiots have the right to put everyone in the rural community they’ll go back to at risk. They have the right to use intimidation tactics to get Chili’s to open. They absolutely can make complete fools of themselves and take America further into the pit of despiar, where being the laughing-stock of the civilized world is a badge of honor.”

Barron doesn’t seem to understand. By being free and not giving in to the government, we’re supporting Donald Trump and our country. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He doesn’t care about some liberal version of “the truth.” He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his rights, and that’s what makes him so great.

The panel, which has no actual power to rule on anything, will send their recommendations to Congress, where it will be laughed at and ignored as propaganda. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want the American people to hear what a bunch of judges think. She only cares about illegals and abortion when she’s not knocking back gin and tonics on private flights to her island.

They’re all just traitors. If you’re not behind Trump, you hate America. It’s that simple.

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