Linda Tripp’s Death Ruled a Homocide


Linda Tripp was a hero to all conservatives and has been on the Clintons’ enemies list for years. Most famous for releasing secret recordings of former President Bill Clinton getting it on with Monica Lewinsky, Ms. Tripp faded into obscurity and was admitted into the witness protection program due to direct and credible threats from failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Medical examiners have already been paid off to say that she died of cancer, however, Dr. Sandy Batt has indicated that a suicide note was found near Ms. Tripp’s body in handwriting that is suspiciously like Ms. Clinton’s. Everyone knows that Hillary has a taste for vengeance and death and there was no one more deserving of her wrath than Linda Trip.

All of these years, she just waited for the moment to strike.

Undercover of the pandemic that is dominating the news cycle, the evil Clinton Foundation’s henchmen located Ms. Tripp in the early morning hours, did their work, left the note, and celebrated by hitting a Hardee’s drive-through on the way home for biscuits and gravy, and those delicious cinnamon raisin biscuits.

Revenge never tasted so good.

Since the impeachment hearings, way back when, the Clintons’ marriage has been on the rocks. Hillary, craving unlimited power, decided to stay with Bill since leaving him meant leaving it all behind and never having a chance at world domination.

As of this writing, Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers are being moved into witness protection. These things always happen in threes and Hillary sure loves the number 3. And all kinds of taters. But mostly the number 3.

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