John Roberts Confirms He’ll Retire So Biden Can Nominate Obama as the Next Chief Justice

Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed that he will step down a few days after Joe Biden’s inauguration to clear the way for a new Chief Justice to be nominated and sworn in.

That will be none other than Barack Hussein Obama, and the court may never be the same again.

A lot of people don’t understand just how much power the Chief Justice wields. Roberts has never used the sweeping authority, but could you imagine it in the hands of a tyrant like Obama?

He could deny any case a hearing before the court under Article 4 Section 15. He can remove a justice for “malfeasance against the peoples” as it says in sub-section 41.

Most importantly, if the vote is a tie, the Chief Justice’s ruling wins. Every time.

Insiders at the Supreme Court say that Trump went too far when he said, “we have the Supreme Court.” It rubbed Roberts the wrong way and even Brett Kavanaugh said it crossed a line.

That prompted Roberts to make a political move of his own. He will resign under the Art Tubolls precedent and give Joe Biden a direct appointment of his choice.

Roberts told his staff that his choice was Obama, because that would “really chap that orange buffoon’s ass.”

And once again, we’re looking at an uphill battle against evil Democrats looking to restore some semblance of normalcy to a post-Trump America.

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