Jordan and Meadows Ready to Make It a Federal Crime to Disrespectfully Photoshop the President

Washington, D.C. — Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows are joining forces yet again to co-sponsor a bill that would make it a federal crime to disrespectfully photoshop President Trump after a viral “fake news” photo circulated the internet. The photo, which was clearly doctored and distributed by a fake Twitter account, caught the attention of President Trump. Like the father-figure he is, he quickly chastised the White House photographer who created the image.

Jordan and Meadows both said they think the swift hand of justice needs to go further.

“The liberals are taking freedom on social media too far. In these modern times, far too much disrespect can be thrown at Trump, and it is time to put a stop to it.”

And, that is exactly what S.B. 1984 does. It states photos in the image of the president must depict him in a “favorable light” and must not be altered in anyway. Citing “protection of facts” as the legal precident, the bill goes on to say this crime should be punishable with up to life imprissonment and a $5,000 fine.

Furthermore, it goes on to outline that any employee of the federal government caught sharing or retweeting disparaging images of President Trump, even those without alteration, will be terminated immediately.

The two lawmakers also said in a joint statement, “We hope that these efforts will tone down the hateful rhetoric from the left that is currently being thrown towards President Trump. The greatest president our country has ever seen.”

And that, folks, is how we Make America Great Again!

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