New Q Report Unveils Soros Connection to Hogg and Thornburg

Soros' puppet strings are shockingly genetic with Hogg and Thornburg

The internet dynamo, Q, has released yet another ground-breaking report, exposing the shadowy dealings of the Deep State. As you can imagine, it’s taking social media by storm.

To the surprise of no one, George Soros is deeply involved with the latest New World Order gambit to over-throw the God-Fearing, solely Caucasian world as we know it. Using the latest medical technology available to him, Soros has been involved in an affront to God, Nature, and, of course, the 2nd Amendment, according to Q.

What nefarious deed is he guilty of this time?


“I believe the children are the future,” the billionaire wrote in his latest, but as-of-yet unpublished Memoir, They Only Hate Me Because They’re Racist. Q has discovered that those words are far more sinister than they appear on paper.

On recovered text messages between a member of Soros’ medical entourage, hired to keep the 95 year old billionaire alive, by any means necessary, and an unidentified person, Q claims that the discussion of cloning was explicit and shocking.

“You will be delighted to hear that we are on schedule,” the unknown person texts. “200,000 units are ready, with a million more on the way.”

The nurse responds excitedly, saying that  “Master Soros” was pleased with the 20 sample units sent to him.

Scarily enough, Q also posits that 2 of these “units” have already begun their master’s plan of world domination. To the surprise of no one, however, given their uncanny resemblance, the two most well known Soros puppets, believed now to be artificial humans, are none other than Daniel Hogg, avowed hater of American freedom and guns, and Greta Thornburg, avowed hater of American freedom and plastic.

This of course means that 18 other clones are out there, plotting to steal your freedom and force you to give up your guns. Hopefully, Q is mistaken, but that is unlikely, as they have never been wrong before.

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