It’s The Sign Of The New World Order.And All The Dems Are Flashing It

The truth is right in front of you

George Soros is well known to be the world’s strongest proponent of a change in the way global residents are governed. Put another way, he is the mastermind behind a move to the “New World Order” - a system through which there will be one world government, presided over by a cabal consisting of pre-selected, ultra-rich elitist who will use their new positions to savage the world and all it’s residents to strengthen their own personal power.

The Democrats are known to be in lockstep with the goals of the NWO. Their partnership with Soros and his cronies are an obvious indicator of this. But whereas they used to be sly about this association - keeping their world domination desires hidden as best they could - they don’t seem to care as much anymore. This can be seen everyday……in their hands.

The longtime hand sign of the NWO has been the “Shaka.” The Shaka is formed by clenching ones fingers but with the thumb and the pinky finger extended outward. It is symbolic of having a “grip on the world” -indicated by the middle fingers holding tight - and having their reach extend outward to all - shown by the extended outer digits. It is a clear show of dominance and evil.

The signal made its way onto network television as early as the ’70’s as The Fonz displayed it when Happy Days appeared in Hawaii.

An examination of photographic archives shows that it is everywhere. It is seen displayed surreptitiously by every major democrat player of the last 50 years as they gave their speeches and even while voting in the Senate. Barack Obama raised the symbol high in the air at his inauguration ceremony in 2017, a clear challenge to any who dared oppose his agenda. The hand sign alerts all those who share in the wants of the New World Order that they have an allies in powerful positions.

It is an incredible relief to have a President who now represents a challenge to the Democrats’ desired structure change. Trump will not hang loose and allow our world to be overrun by evil. He is fighting for us and he will win.

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