OPINION:After Arrests Of A Dozen Associates, Obama’s Guilt Is Clear

The truth is right in front of you

In the past several weeks since the a AG report came out, more than a dozen arrests have quietly been made of former associates of Barack Obama. More than a dozen.

This seemingly large level of corruption cannot be ignored. No, Obama himself has not yet been put into handcuffs, but why not? As they say, “Where there’s smock there’s fire”…And the fire is raging around the former Commander-In-Chief.

The Justice Department can no longer afford to ignore the connections. Of the dozen indictments sent out so far, three were attorneys and at least four were members of Obama’s campaign team. The charges range from petty theft to high treason.

One of the accused is a Mr. Joseph Barron. It is alleged that Barron solicited a foreign government - as yet unnamed - to interfere in our elections in 2008, the year of Obama’s first campaign. A second indictee, the always sexy Satya Martin, has been accused of arranging payments of bribes from the president’s book publisher. Barack was to create favourable publishing laws in exchange for his prima donna book deal.

These are people that were very close to the man himself. Barack Obama must have known what was going on. He simply must have.

And he must be punished. Arrest Barack Obama now.

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