Bill Nye Calls Trump ‘The Einstein of Stupid’


Megastar scientist and children’s show star Bill Nye didn’t use too many big words or sound effects during an interview with Smart People magazine last week when he was asked about *President Trump’s performance.  PBS’s favorite egghead showed himself to definitely disagree with the commander in chief’s less-than-accurate scientific acumen and sensibilities :

“Mr. Trump, I mean, just from the get-go, proved himself to be ignorant of climate change.  That alone should have made him ineligible to serve in any government position.  But adding to that, his remarks about nuking hurricanes, ‘clean coal’, and now his unbelievably humbled response to a deadly pandemic and laughable pedestrian advice with zero knowledge of what he’s talking about- the man is the Einstein of Stupid.  He’s truly innovative in how to invent whole new categories of Stupid.  If there was a Nobel Prize for buffoonery, he’d be a shoo-in.  I have literally observed paramecium smarter than him.”

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Joe Barron, an assistant to Fox News host Sean Hannity who rubs his thighs and genitalia during commercial breaks, defended America’s leader:

“You don’t have to be a scientist to be the President.  We all know that.  You don’t necessarily have to be smart either.  Mr. The Science Guy has no right to critique a man who does science and viruses and all of that stuff with his gut.  That’s what America does.  He should go back to ketchup volcanoes or whatever he plays with.”

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Administration officials also pointed out that Trump’s “Apprentice” ratings constantly beat out Nye’s when both programs were being televised.  However, ratings services have determined that the science-heavy show boasted more viewers whose average IQ’s soared into the genius range, while the *Pressident’s reality program attracted mostly deceased viewers unnoticed in “dayrooms” of nursing home facilities.


* (Impeached)

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