Ayanna Pressley To Strip ‘In God We Trust’ From Currency

This should be unconstitutional!!!

Ayanna Pressley has drawn up legislation to exclude the words “In God We Trust” from all currency being minted and printed starting in the fiscal year 2022. Ms. Pressley believes the phrase that has been on our money since 1956 is exclusionary to many Americans who may not be Christian or religious at all.

This is sure to cause ripples throughout the government, but republicans may be powerless to stop her.

“People worship many things, not just a Christian God” Ms. Pressley said in her announcement on Twitter. She has taken to announcing legislation on Twitter and other social media platforms, thinking that conservatives will never see it.

“It’s a new time in America, and we should include everyone and all faiths into this brand new wonderful time.”

Pressley has not stopped celebrating Donald Trump’s electoral defeat.

Master of Currency chair Joseph Barron, installed by Joe Biden agrees. 

“I worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the phrase on my money has offended me for years. It’s time it comes off, and when the resolution signed by the president hits my desk, I’m going to go full steam ahead with removing this from every bit of currency immediately.”

Republicans who would love nothing more than to make it more visible on the bills and to strike down such a horrible idea from the far left Massachusetts democrat are powerless though. Because of Biden’s win and the Democrats taking the House and Senate, this may pass through quickly with no hurdles. They worry about what could be next.

Healthcare for all? A wage of $15 an hour for people they don’t deem worthy or essential, even though they are??? Cats and dogs, living together? Mass hysteria!

What will become of this country with this kind of stuff going on?  Godlessness. That’s what. This is the kind of stuff the Bible talks about! These democrats are going to make people dependent on other people doing the right thing, and they’re doing it off the backs of good, conservative Americans who only want the catchphrase and not to actually be decent people.

It’s horrifying what they could accomplish without good, conservative obstruction. God bless America!

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