Omar:’Your God Hates America’

The truth is right in front of you

Vocal hater of the USA, Democrat Ilhan Omar, has never been shy about letting her hatred be known to the world. She likes to express how much she herself loathes America and has also, on occasion, attempted to sell the notion that the rest of the world hates us as well. Now she is trying to peddle the ultimate lie - that God hates America.

She made the blasphemous statement today at a Minneapolis luncheon to benefit a proposal to change the Democratic Party name to the People’s Party of America. Details on that story will be given in a follow-up report. Her words bordered on the sacrilegious:

“What is America? What has it become? Indeed, what has it been from its beginning?

This is a country that claims equality but doesn’t practice it. That preaches that it is a Christian nation but has abandoned Christianity. That pretends ultimate morality but is depraved beyond measure.

America insults their god with everything they do. She spits in his face through actions that oppose his word. What would Jesus do? He would burn America to the ground.

It is time for this nation to install the values of your Christ. It is only through adopting socialist values that this will happen. Vote blue to go back to God.”

What does this woman know of our God? Doubtless her deity hates America just as she does, but ours? Ours has given us His blessings each and every day.

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