A Trump Dartboard Hangs In Sondland’s Office; His Bias Is Clear

The truth is right in front of you

Much has been made of the refusal of former US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Mariana Yovanovitch to put up a picture of President Trump in the Ukraine Embassy. To many this showed a clear animosity toward the President that makes the truthfulness of her testimony questionable at best.

We’ve now learned that current US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland shows similar - no, far worse - disrespect for our Commander-In-Chief in his ambassadorial offices. Sondland DID post a photograph of President Trump on his walls, but he did so on the ‘bullseye’ of a dartboard.

The dartboard was put in place immediately after being appointed to his position by Trump himself. Embassy staff indicate that Sondland expressed no appreciation to the president, but, rather, privately laughed and belittled his new boss every chance he got. Sondland’s personal secretary, Jobabba Barronski, recorded one of her boss’ ridiculings of Trump to use in a blackmail scheme. As she has now discovered, since the congressional testimony, that Sondland does not care about his job security within the EU, Barronski realized she may as well share the recording with us and all our millions of readers:

“Trump. Haha! He’ll do anything for money, The American people be damned. All I did was promise to let him in on some insider information about marijuana futures so that he could invest, and boom! I’m an ambassador!

He’s completely incompetent. This is how he makes money. Through deceit and underhanded findings. If it weren’t for people like me, he would be a pauper.

Honestly, I only wanted this gig because I like the sound of it. Ambassador Sondland. It’s something to share with my grandchildren.”

Obviously, Gord Sonland won’t be holding this job for very long. After his testimony and this revelation, he’s definitely on his way out. And good riddance.

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