Pete Buttigieg Opposes US Fighting Cartels;’We Must Allow Free Trade’

The truth is right in front of you

‘Mayor Pete’ has emerged as a front runner for the Democrat presidential nomination, side-by-side with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. And with the greater press coverage he’s receiving as a result, America is learning much more about him, his life, his policies, and the inner workings of his mind.

It looks as though AOC may have some competition in the race for the title of “Most Braindead Democrat.”

In a recent interview with Daily World Update, Buttigieg shocked readers with his response to a question posed to him about President Trump’s proposal to assist the Mexican government with their fight against that country’s drug cartels.

“I am absolutely opposed to that. I mean, we just renegotiated our trade deal with Mexico for god’s sake! Why did we do this if we are now going to do that?

This is a capitalist nation. We strive for free market capitalism which means we don’t want to stifle trade. We want a free flow of goods and services. We cannot attack those who are providing the goods and services which are in demand. And drugs….drugs are hugely in demand. Americans need to get high. We must allow free trade.”

There it is. Mayor Pete is using free trade and simple flow of goods as a reason not to attack vicious drug cartels that devastate lives of our young people. AOC is definitely getting a run for her money as far as stupid goes.

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