It’s Official: $36B Fortune of Drug Lord Will Fund The Wall

The truth is right in front of you

The arrest and conviction of notorious Mexican drug lord, “El Chapo”, has dominated headlines in recent weeks. His takedown represents an enormous victory for our Border Patrol in the fight against the illegal marijuanas entering our country from our southern neighbor. El Chapo’s disappearance from trafficking will now benefit us in another way other than saving our children from being slaves to a weed. His vast fortune - seized by US authorities - will now be used to prevent further drug movement by funding THE WALL in its entirety.

Asset seizure of El Chapo is estimated to have a value of between $1 and $36 billion, possibly enough to pay for two walls, should we so desire. Maybe we could double them up. If illegals were miraculously to get past one gigantic wall, BAM!, they’d be faced with another just 10 feet ahead. That would be hilarious. They’d be trapped between them without food or water, victims of a circumstance of their own creation. It would serve them right.

Can you imagine the pleas we would hear, begging for escape from inevitable doom? It’s a fake Christian’s dream! The despair and suffering of brown people looking for a better life for their families is what every fake Christian hopes for! And a double-mega-super-wall set up would create it as an interactive experience as they could stand on our side to laugh at and taunt them as they withered away. Trump could sell tickets.  And he probably would.

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