Shaq In Fear Of Sharing Kobe’s Fate Because Of What He Knows

The truth is right in front of you

It seems apparent to everyone now that Kobe’s death was no accident. His helicopter did not go down due to mechanical failure or pilot error. Kobe Bryant was targeted for what he knows.

Kobe Bryant’s final tweet before his fatal crash.

Exactly what information he held is not clear but his final tweet indicated he had the goods on Hillary Clinton that would see her put in jail. Two hours after sending that tweet he was dead.

But it seems he’s not the only one who had the secret knowledge. He may have shared it with others including his friend, Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq has now been tweeting about information he holds. His whereabouts are unknown as he has indicated he has gone into hiding until he can get in contact with proper authorities. He seems determined that the truth come out and that his friend be avenged. And he seems very scared.

His messages on Twitter leave little doubt as to what is going on. It’s apparent he feels threatened, that he feels his life is in danger. The following tweets came in rapid succession.

“Kobe was my brother. I know what he knew and I will make sure justice is done.”

“I will remain in hiding until I can get in touch with the FBI ”

“I think they are following me too.”

” I don’t know if I can get away. They are everywhere.”

The FBI has declined to comment but they do indicate that they are concerned themselves for O’Neal’s safety. They are asking him to call and assure him that they will guarantee his safety.

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