Omar Goes Ballistic On President Trump

The truth is right in front of you.

Ask anyone in the White House and they’ll tell you the same thing - President Trump is a joker. He likes to keep things light in the office. As Trump himself says,”It’s a scary world out there. If we don’t laugh at somebody’s expense once in awhile, we’ll lose our minds.” 

A big part of his humor repertoire comes in the form of practical jokes. He loves to mess with people so they’re scared witless, or so they soil themselves, or so they have seizures, or go into medical shock. This always causes the staff to laugh hysterically or nervously. Either way, they laugh. 

This past Tuesday morning , he set his sights on Ilhan Omar to screw with. He was seen sneaking into her office and out again, giggling like a schoolboy. No one knew what he had done …….until lunchtime. That’s when Omar came out of her chamber screeching. Hahahaha! It was hilarious!

It seems the President had slipped bacon into her donair lunch! One bite and she knew something was up! Her shouts and curses could be heard for miles!

The hilarity continued when she made her way to the Oval Office. She barged right in, prompting a call to security, and began to throw things at the President while he sat behind his desk and laughed. 

When the Secret Service charged in and tackled her, the entire building was there, pointing and laughing. The night she spent in jail kept them laughing well into the evening!

C’mon Ilhan! It was just a joke! Don’t Ethiopians have a sense of humor?

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