Police Mark Kobe Death ‘Suspicious’ After Seeing His Last Tweet

The truth is right in front of you

It appeared to be nothing more than a tragic accident. A probable mechanical failure or perhaps pilot error. Whatever the cause, the crash of the helicopter that led to Kobe Bryant’s death did not seem the result of malevolence. That now seems to have changed.

Police have now reversed course from their original call of “accidental death” to mark the incident as “suspicious” and “actively investigated.” This change of status seems to have come as a result of a review of a series of messages Bryant sent out on his Twitter account - the last tweets he ever sent.

The tweets began ominously 3 days ago. They were, at first, vague but suggested a personal tension or feeling of dread. They follow:

Jan 23/20

“It looks like they have a tail on me. I see them everywhere I go.”

Jan 23/20

“I hear them outside my window at night. They’re onto me.”

Jan 24/20

“My office was broken into. Nothing there for them though.”

Jan 25/20

“Is it only a matter of time until they get me?”

And finally, his final tweet this morning that seemed to put all the previous messages into perspective:

Jan 26/20

“I have information that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton.”

Two hours after sending out that last tweet, Kobe Bryant was dead.

Police declined comment about this new investigative angle but inside sources have suggested that it has everything to do with the fake tweets found in this article.

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