Nancy Pelosi Threatens The American People: ‘Get Rid of Trump or Else!’

Nancy Pelosi is showing signs of impeachment fatigue. Now, rather than going after the President, she’s threatening the American people instead.

Pelosi was quoted by a source who may or may not have personal knowledge of the incident in a recent article in Liberal Today magazine:

“Pelosi is very upset that the trial isn’t going her way and has insisted that she’ll take matters into her own hands. According to a friend inside the office of the Speaker of the House, a colleague heard her say out lous that she will ‘hold America hostage’ and that the voters had better get rid of Trump ‘or else.’

“She’s obviously saying that if she doesn’t get her way, the House of Representatives will do nothing for the next four years.”

That may sound like a good plan to Nancy Pelosi, but the people may have something to say about it. There are 11 elections in the next four years at the state and federal level that could foil those plans, 2 of them her own.

Rasmussen has indicated that polls of American Caucasian males aged 45-80 will never vote for her again. She used to only have to worry about California, but as Speaker, she’ll be on the ballot in all 50 states.

If the American people want you out, nancy, we’ll vote you out. They say that all that empty land in rural America can’t vote, but we disagree. We rural Americans can vote, and we will. First for Trump, and then against you.

That’s the way a democracy works, Madam Speaker. Maybe you should take a civics lesson.

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