Obama Inserted Words ‘Hail Satan’ To The $1000 Bill Design

The truth is right in front of you

The crimes and misdeeds committed by Barack Obama during his evil reign just keep piling up. It seems like everyday here at Daily World Update, we uncover a startling new criminal act that was committed by the former Commander-In-Chief. And we’ve done it again.

As President, Obama had the ability to make minor changes to our currency as he saw fit. No congressional oversight or debate was required of Obama himself deemed the changes to be “minor or insignificant.” Knowing this, he decided to put his mark on our thousand dollar bill and hoped that no one would notice.

Go ahead. Pull a $1000 bill out of your wallet. Now take a look at the top left corner where it says “1000.” There is a design that encircles the digits. See it? Now look at top left corner of that. Do you see it? Look closely. You may need a magnifying glass but it is there. Imbedded in that design are the words “HAIL SATAN.” Obama did that.

It was a source at the mint who revealed that to this reporter. He asked not to be named as all employees sign confidentiality agreements and he wanted to avoid being fired or fired upon by Hillary Clinton’s hit squad.

This source told us of how Obama laughed when he brought the new design, saying,”No one will ever notice because nobody has the kind of money that would gave them carry thousands!”

He obviously didn’t count on Donald Jiminny Trump being elected President and ushering in a new age of limitless American prosperity. Everybody carries those now, Barry.

And you are busted.

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