Sesame Street Introduces Arabic ‘Letters & Numbers of the Day’;English Gone

The truth is right in front of you

The American native tongue is slowly disappearing, being replaced by languages from all over the world as new citizens arrive on our shores. Liberals think pandering to these newcomers by allowing them to continue with their foreign speech is the right thing to do. We say noobs should assimilate and speak English only!

Television seems to use liberal views more often than not, even if it’s for the kids. Long-running PBS children’s education and entertainment show, ‘Sesame Street,’ is making some changes. Producers have decided to “give English a break for awhile and introduce children to other languages and cultures.” They’ve already shot episodes featuring German, French, Dutch, and Swedish and plan to bring in several others before reverting back to standard format. This deviation will, however, be revisited many times in the future.

I’ve dubbed this little girl the “Indoctrination Queen”

Next to be taught by the gang of muppets will be Arabic. The cast and crew will film the many episodes devoted to the language of the Saudis on location in Saudi Arabia. They have been instructed that any characters deemed to be “female” by the nation’s clergy will have to be clad in a hijab, as is the tradition.

A hijab-clad muppet. It has begun. The end times are near.

Why in the world do our American children need to learn Arabic? Why are these muppets forcing it on them. This indoctrination must stop. The evildoers of Sesame Street must be silenced.

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