Oprah To Announce Intention To Run For President

The truth is right in front of you

The already overflowing panel of contenders for the Democrat Party Presidential nomination is about to get even more crowded as former talk show host, publisher, and network television owner, Oprah Winfrey is set to officially announce her intention to run for the office.

Ms Winfrey’s name had come up some months back as a candidate for the job by her fans, but Oprah herself showed no interest at time, saying,”Thanks but no thanks,” and, “Politics is not for me.” But it seems she’s had a change of heart. A brief pre-announcement announcement was issued by her publicist and campaign manager, Joseph Barron:

“My client has been watching the Democrat race closely and has decided that every contender sucks a**. The only one she favors is Bernie but, unfortunately, the party is shutting him out again.

And so, it is with patriotic pride that Oprah Winfrey, a real self-made billionaire, will announce her entry into the race to be America’s next president on the Democrat ticket.”

The real, extra official, officially official speech from Winfrey herself to state her candidacy is expected in two days. Given America’s penchant for ultra-rich business people/television personalities, Winfrey may be the only opposition from the left with any chance against President Trump.

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