Bye Fox: Judge Jeannine and Tucker Carlson Will Do A New Show Together

OAN Network Executives are leaking news that Tucker Carlson and Jeannine Pirro will leave the Fox Network voluntarily — never to return. According to CEO of Propaganda for OAN, Art Tubolls:

Quite frankly people are beginning to get fed up with Fox News catering to people like Shep Smith while good, wholesome Christians like Tucker and Jeannine are chastised for caring about America.”

Shep Smith is an openly gay homosexual who is also in a relationship with a man who is an openly gay homosexual. Tucker Carlson has a wife and kids. So how do we believe the guy who goes against the bible? Just how?

Unfortunately, Fox is headed down the path to becoming the next CNN. They sold out once, they’ll do it again. Until then, we look forward to the new show. A spokesman for the network development team says the new show will be more relaxed and use couches rather than anchor desks:

“Judge Pirro has magnificent legs. If we can take some of the focus from her booming, manly voice by softening her feminine qualities, we’ll do just that. We’re completely re-branding her like they tried with Great Van Susteren, but this time it will work.”

The Trump administration is also actively seeking a bench for Pirro, should she decide to get back into the robe.

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