Iran’s State TV Calls Obama Their ‘Agent’

The truth is right in front of you

The Obama’s just can’t stay out of trouble. From stealing and selling national treasures to conspiracies with foreign nationals, this family is just bad news.

Iran has confirmed on its state-run television that President Obama is actually an agent for them. They control him and controlled him while he was in the oval office.

Joe Barron, interpreter for the news broadcast said:

“Much like Putin controls Trump, Hassan Rouhani pulls Obama’s strings. This is why the Iran Deal was such a big deal and favored Iran. It’s also why Obama sent billions of dollars to them, in unmarked bills, on a plane, in the middle of the night — that only Alex Jones knew about to report. He’s such a reliable journalist. We are so lucky to have him.”

Now it all makes so much sense. It all adds up now.

This is huge news, as American presidents should not be in bed with foreign leaders. Yet, there Obama was, in his jammy jams, spooning with Rouhani. It’s outrageous!

Sandy Batt, spokesperson for Obama’s second cousin said:

“Listen, we knew Barry was a little different. We knew he buttered his bread on the other side. However, we had no idea he was in this deep with Iran. But, hey, it made for a great deal on nuclear stuff, right?”

It appears no one is taking this seriously. But, the Trump administration vows to bring Obama to justice, once they find some evidence that this happened. Any evidence. Of course, nothing exists, so it’s doubtful anything will come of this, mainly because it never happened. But, some of you will think it did. And that, little taters, is all that matters.

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