AOC Wants Cow Milk Replaced With Breast Milk : “It’s The Healthiest Option”

The truth is right in front of you

Alexandria Octavia-Cortez seems to have an endless supply of stupid ideas in her brain. She never fails to surprise us all with her insanity. Her latest “brainstorm” is no different.

Cortez wants to ban the sale of milk from cows and replace it with human breast milk. That’s right, the crazy lady wants us drinking human milk instead of cow. She gave us the briefest of reasons for this :

“Human mommy milk is the best there is. Little boys and girls around the world drink it to grow up big and strong.

There’s, like, hormones and vitamins and stuff in mommy breasts that make us better people internally too. They make you healthy. They make your head work better. And they make you more moral. That’s why I’m the most caring woman in America. My mommy’s compassion flowed into me through her milk. That’s how I works. It’s that easy.

It worked for me! I drank from my mommy’s until I was 14 years old. We didn’t want to stop. Society made us with their ridiculous norms. Screw society! Viva la revolution!”

Cortez also provided slight details as to how such a volume of milk would be produced :

“Once you become a mommy and finish nursing your own child, you will then be hooked up to milking machines for life. This is for the good of all, and as a good socialist, the mommy will happily comply. Mommies are loving. They care. They will do anything to make sure the world is a better place for their kids. This will be that.”

More insanity from the crazy lady.

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