Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg: ‘We’ll Charge a Toll on Every Road in America’

The beginning of President Joe Biden’s term has been worse than even the most pessimistic prognostications declared that it would be.

As expected, he has filled his cabinet with unqualified sycophants who are only looking out for themselves and their President, not average Americans like you and me.

Until recently, there hadn’t been much direct impact, if any, on the day-to-day lives of the American people.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has pledged to do whatever he thinks it takes to improve the infrastructure of the United States, which is already the envy of the rest of the world.

To do so, Secretary Pete has pledged to set up tolls on every single road to pay for it despite the fact that he probably can’t even spell infrastructure, let alone define it.

Spokesman Joe Barron released a brief statement to the press yesterday.

“Our roads are in bad shape. Our bridges are crumbling. The power grid fails all too often. And our mass transportation…I’d say something bad about it if we had any form of interstate mass transportation whatsoever. Thanks to Donald Trump’s tax cuts, we have to find the money to fund the needed improvements that will make our roads safe again.

We thought about raising the gas tax originally but decided against because we didn’t want to come right out and raise taxes. Tolls are much friendlier.  Simply put, you’ll pay a dollar for each road you use each time you use it so if you take eight roads and four freeways to get to work, you pay $12 each way.

Three roads to go to the pharmacy to pick up Grandma’s heart medications?  $3 each way.

Exceptions will be given to critical employees like me who work in government and are needed to keep the country moving. Everyone else will pay, pay, pay.”

Tolls to go to work.  Tolls to visit family.

This is the future that the liberals wanted and now we’re all stuck with it.

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