Satyanic Church Donated $10 Million To Hillary’s Campaign

The truth is right in front of you

As more details emerge about the goings-on in the 2016 Presidential campaigns of both Trump and Clinton, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Hillary Clinton was, and likely still is, attached to some very dubious company. Most have already learned about her links to the Russians and their election interference and we’ve recently learned of her connection to further meddling from the Ukrainians, but what’s coming out now are details of her campaign financing, that is, who the major donors were to her efforts to gain access to the White House.

Aside from the usual corporate donors who no doubt sought political favoritism, and looking past the expected millions from George Soros, what has come out is a hefty sum from a religious group, namely the Satyanic Church.

Wealthy Satyanists funnelled huge amounts of cash through their place of worship to create one massive fund that would be delivered to Hillary 2016 in the name of Satya, the cult’s “goddess upon whom is showered devoted worship and lust,” as the faithful refer to her. The total? A little over $10 million.

The worshipped goddess Satya to whom cult adherents are devoted.

The question that must be asked is what was the return that this dark cult expected for their hefty investment? Seven figure donations to a politician are not thrown around often and when they are, whether from business, individuals, or houses of worship, you can bet that some significant political favors would be coming the donor’s way.

An investigation into this “charity” is expected to be launched to get to the bottom of this. The Church of Satya is known for their anti-capitalism/pro-socialism stance, as well as for the promotion of interracial romantic and sexual relationships in order to “homogenize” society. What Hillary had planned for them should be interesting to see.

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