Trump Awarded Apollyon Award For ‘Exemplary Christian Morality’

The truth is right in front of you

The United States Salvation Reliance is set to award President Trump the group’s highest honor, the “Appolyon Award.” It is presented to “those who display steadfast Christian values and hold the highest moral standards in conjunction with the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ during his earthly stay.” The prize is rarely presented as the requirements for qualification are so stringent that few ever meet the standard. It was last handed out in 1968 to James Earl Ray for his role in promoting the word of Christ.

Now, after 51 years the cherished title will be bestowed upon another - our President.

This is truly a remarkable achievement which should be heralded by all yet the mainstream media is silent. This is unsurprising with their anti-Christian bias but it matters. This respected  collective knows their faith and takes the rewarding of true Christian morality very seriously.

Nancy Pelosi discarded the news as “fake” saying:

“This president is the least Christlike that this country has ever seen. My butt is more moral than him. Antichristlike would be more fitting.

I’ve never heard of this award. Sounds like propagandist nonsense, probably Russian, which explains why the right is all over it. What Russia puts out there, they eat up. Republicans are the death of democracy.”

It’s not nonsense though, Nancy. It is very real and very prestigious. I sense a lot of jealousy because you could never, ever qualify for even a nomination, much less a win. Trump is pure. You are evil.

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