Kamala Caught on Hot Mic: ‘Melania Is a Low-Rent Escort’

Said she's dumb as a rock too!

Vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris was on a Zoom meeting in Joe Biden’s basement talking about her frustration with a variety of issues dealing with the Republican party and their disregard for the American people.

At the conclusion of the meeting, when she thought that the connection had terminated, she let out a doozy of a comment.

She was clearly caught saying that our Precious First Lady is nothing but a low-rent escort who won the marriage lottery.

Harris immediately realized the meeting was still live and let out a nervous laugh as the connection was terminated.

But it was too late. The damage was done.

Her speech was going very well and her confidence grew as it reaches its conclusion.

She talked about the Woodward tapes and how Donald Trump knew about the severity of the coronavirus and their plan to end the pandemic once she and Joe Biden are elected.

She talked about how the Republican party has no desire to help the American people and how they purposely put forth a worthless relief bill that they knew the Democrats would vote down so that they could act indignant about how the Democrats don’t want to help the American people.

She closed her speech by talking about the strength of spouses and how much she admires Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, two women who understand the power of networking to achieve their goals. She talked about the support that she gets from her husband.

Once the speech closed, she said,

“Joe’s so lucky to have a strong woman like Jill in his life. Melania’s nothing but a low-rent escort who won the marriage lottery with Donald Trump. She’s also dumb as a rock because she’s not using her connections to become a higher class escort.

What?? Oh no…”

The connection terminated and the gaffe was immediately spread worldwide on Twitter and other social media platforms.

America doesn’t need two politicians who don’t know how to handle the office. We need Donald Trump. Now more than ever.

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