California Retailers Agree To Make Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ A Fireable Offense

The truth is right in front of you

The War on Christmas continues in California. ‘California Retail And Plantlife,’ a joint shopping/horticulture association that sets uniform standards for their respective industries in the state, has come to an agreement regarding the Christmas season for this year and the future. In a unanimous decision, the members have voted to completely ban the use of the words “Merry Christmas” whether spoken or in print. Any persons employed by the members stores who utter the banned words or display them in any way, will be subject to immediate dismissal without notice or severance.

The decision seems harsh and overly punitive to most but Association media representative, Joe Barron, explained why they felt it to be necessary:

“California is very much a melting pot of faiths and cultures. In order to move our businesses forward and increase profit, we need to be sensitive to them all. Many other faiths celebrate events other than the wrongly dated birth of Christ during the same start of winter period and we feel that none should be excluded in our salutations.

All employees will be directed to restrict their forced pleasantries to ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’. These are non-offensive to all.

We expect a small amount of blowback for this decision but only from the fake Christians whose faith is so fragile that they feel a need to hear the word ‘Christmas’ all over the place in order to keep them in the spirit. Real Christians will support inclusivity and have plenty of real faith in their hearts.”

It’s true what they say. California really is a gateway to hell. Their dismissal of Christ in shops and gardens proves that.

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