Hillary:’Trumpers Keep Mentioning Me Because They Regret Voting Trump’

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton’s name is often on the lips of those who support President Trump for obvious reasons. She’s a criminal, a traitor to the nation who has thus far escaped justice. That such a danger to our country would still be walking free - and laughing about it - should enrage any true American, so it’s only natural that they would talk about her often and at virtually every given opportunity and in every circumstance no matter how irrelevant or inappropriate.

Hillary, however, has a different theory as to why she is still on our minds. And it’s kind of hilarious.

Hillary Clinton is of the mind that patriotic Americans still think about her because ……wait for it…… they love her. Here is her theory in her own words, as said in an interview with France’s “Le Monde” newspaper:

“It’s buyer’s remorse. They’re regretting their vote for Trump and wish they’d voted for me. What other reason for their obsession with me makes sense? That they think I’m a criminal? Hah! That’s what they say but they know deep down that’s not the case. They know.

But they’re acting out much like a little boy on a playground who pulls the hair of the girl he has a crush on. It’s childish, yes, but so are the deplorables. They are a simple people. They know they screwed up. They just don’t know how to express it.

Either that or they’re desperately in love with me. That’s also a good possibility. I do still have it after all.”

Is she serious? She thinks we are in love with her? This confirms it. Hillary Clinton has lost her mind.

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