Sarah Sanders Breaks the White House Silence on the Mueller Report

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders gave a short, personal statement to a source well-known in the White House to be mostly reliable a lot of the time. That source has leaked the contents of her statement, which is what she will be releasing to the mainstream media sometime this week:

The President has received and read the complete Mueller Report and has decided to let it go public. According to Rudy Giuliani, with the report issued, trying to charge anyone would result in double jeopardy.

Add to that the fact that the report only focuses on the Trump administration and how they may have colluded with Russia and completely eliminates the fact that Hillary Clinton sold them uranium and colluded more.

Mueller himself will now be investigated, per order of the President.”

The statement shows what people have known all along. Robert Mueller was hired by the Clinton Foundation to dig up dirt on Trump and he failed. Now he gets to pay the price.

The Justice Department is also being ordered to investigate Barack Obama, George Soros, and Nancy Pelosi for their roles in helping Hillary collude and Susan Rice for covering up Benghazi. Huma Abedin has already been granted immunity for her testimony against the Deep State consortium.

We’ll keep you updated as the criminal indictments start rolling in.

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