Kamala to Rollout Abortion Voucher Program to All Girls 13 and Older


As liberal suburban women celebrate Kamala’s appointment to Vice President, she is busy quickly fulfilling leftist promises. As it turns out, she is going lower than we ever dreamed.

One of Kamala’s first items of business is to institute an abortion voucher program that will allow any girl who is at least 13 years old a chance to earn a voucher for a free abortion. The program is nearly identical to the Pizza Hut “Book It” program that several generations of school children have grown up with.

Rather than getting a free personal pan pizza and nifty bookmark, the girl can opt-in and get a voucher to use for an abortion. The voucher will be good throughout her reproductive life. So, if she finds herself unexpectedly 40 weeks pregnant at 33, you betcha, she can get her abortion.

When asked about the program, Kamala’s representative Joe Barron had this to say:

“Of course she isn’t rolling out a Book It Abortion program. Hell, I doubt we could ever get the right to use that name, at all. Period. Secondly, who the hell would do that?

Look, women just want to keep a say so in their reproductive choices. Women want affordable, accessible birth control because human beings have sex. Don’t like abortion? Don’t have an abortion. Kamala has never said, ‘Let’s give abortion vouchers to middle schoolers!'”

And, that’s how we create a quote saying Kamala said it. Maybe the taters will tate to this one. We can only hope.

Remember, just because he isn’t Vice President anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still donate to Planned Parenthood in his name. Heck, you can even set up an automatic donation each month. With more access to education and contraceptives, the abortion rates will continue to drop, just as they have been because highly effective contraceptives work.

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