Bette Midler Banned from Twitter For Habit of Harassing Trump

She's Got No Wind Beneath Her Wings

Well, well, well. Look at that. Even a broken clock is right twice a day and it looks like Twitter FINALLY got one right!

Twitter banned Bette Midler!

After years of abusive behavior, Twitter has finally removed one of the vilest liberals ever known to Tweet. She’s right up there with Cher, only she uses fewer emoticons.

It is said that Melania Trump was instrumental in getting Bette banned. As part of her Be Best initiative, she came up with the hashtag #BeBestBanBette to remind everyone that cyberbullying isn’t acceptable from anyone — especially liberals.

“The liberals really should know better. They are the ones who talk about inclusion and diversity. That’s not us! They need to own that. So, I started the #BeBestBanBette campaign to call out Bette’s bullying of my dear husband.”

Bette should have totally known better. Isn’t she a champion for LGBTQ rights and all that? If anyone knows what it feels like to be bullied it’s that group.

Art Tubolls of the anti-bullying group StawpIt had this to say:

“You know, I keep seeing these ideas that everyone should walk in the other side’s shoes. Well, first of all, most men would find my 7-inch stilettos in a size 12 pretty uncomfortable. They wouldn’t walk very far in them.

Also, I tried to see it from their side. I went through a phase of self-loathing through most of my late teens and 20s. It’s not a good look. I can’t hate myself the same way they hate me.”

Twitter has no plans of reinstating Bette’s Twitter account unless they decide to overturn the decision. They applaud Melania for her work on anti-bullying campaigns and also for keeping her phone away from her husband.

She reports that he is nearly detoxed from his social media addiction and has spent his time creating a new letterhead and pretending he is just vacationing at the “southern White House.”

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