HBO Series ‘Gay Savior’ May Violate United States Blasphemy Laws

The truth is right in front of you

Cable television networks and streaming services alike are largely run by valueless liberals. They use their platforms to push godlessness and immorality and have done so for decades without experiencing much pushback from government, but the latest series bring promoted by HBO may change that.

HBO has a series due for release in the spring of this year that will tell a tale of Jesus Christ that directly contradicts the teachings of the Holy Bible. It’s called “The Gay Savior,” and it already has many lawmakers fuming. They are so mad, in fact, that several republican congressmen are putting together a plan that would see charges brought against the network should they go ahead with plans to air the program.

Senators Joe Barron and Susan Smith have combed through the law books and discovered that depicting Christ as a homosexual would directly violate existing US blasphemy laws. US Penal Code Blasphemy Section 4 Article 9 Subsection 8 clearly states:

“Broadcasting the suggestion that Jesus Christ is anything less than the manliest of woman-loving studly men is a crime punishable by no less than $15 payable within 40 days of charges being pressed upon the individual or corporation at fault.”

The punishment may seem light but that is due to the year in which the law was created - 1840. At that time, $15 was a tidy sum and would have hurt the offender. On top of this, the crime is still considered to be a FELony so a permanent criminal record would be attached.

Congresswoman Smith was excited to proceed with the plan.

“They’ll think twice before trying anything like this again!”

Indeed they will Congresswoman Smith. Nobody will mess with Jesus ever again.

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